The Universal School Photographer System

One Light Source, Endless Options

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3 Cases. 3 Units.
Unlimited Uses.

The LVL UP Imaging Universal School Photographer System now comes prepared in 3 custom cut foam cases to ensure a durable and effective transport.

Distraction Free Experience
Get the best expressions.
Speed & Versatility
Under 10 Mins Set-Up Time
Color Consistency
A One-Light System
Scaling Your Business
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What's in the system?

LVL UP Cases Bundle

(1) 48-inch soft transportation case & (2) 36-inch soft transportation; built for ease of traveling. Each transportation case is built with custom laser cut foam for all pieces protection. This will ensure to keep your poles or units from getting damaged when transporting them.

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48" LVL UP Diffuser Wall

The 48-inch diffuser is geared to be the main light source with giving up to much light on the exteriors. It's the perfect size for a portable window light.

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36" LVL UP Diffuser Wall

The 36-Inch Diffuser is made of translucent material that diffuses light and softens the shadow edge transfer. The Diffuser Wall can be used as a stand alone supplementary tool to create a soft natural light, or it can be used in conjunction with the LVL UP Universal School Photographer System.

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36" LVL UP Reflector Wall

The 36-inch reflector wall is a stand alone tool with a highly reflective silver side along with a white side for creating a non specular fill. The reflector wall is used in the studio for both a specular separation light along with the white side used for the fill light to the main subject. The reflector wall is a great stand alone reflector that can be used in tight spot locations as either a fill or a main light source.

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We're pleased to partner with PhotoDay.

We're proud to announce that we have partnered with PhotoDay. By pairing PhotoDay's software and LVL UP Imaging's hardware, our have seen an increase in participation as well as average order value.

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