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What is LVL Up Imaging?

LVL Up Imaging is a collection of diffusers, reflectors, and backgrounds that have been engineered to capture consistent high quality photos. We’ve created a series of systems built to guide an easy & quick set-up for any type of photography.


light stands




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“LVL UP is like a secret weapon when filming weddings in poorly lit situations. It instantly turns average looking shots into stunning imagery with its mesmerizing glow and impeccable color rendering! Simply put, LVL UP Imaging instantly turns chicken s*** into chicken soup!”

Ray Roman

Ray Roman Films, Owner.

"By using the LVL UP system vs. our previous four-light system, the speed of set up and the sheer weight difference of carrying four lights and stands was enough to say we were happy, but the quality difference speaks for itself. Currently, one photographer can carry in an entire system alone and build it in minutes. It is extremely easy to set up. Another one of the big positives for us is how easy it is to train a new photographer. I am no longer teaching how to meter four lights anymore."

Ralph Romaguera

Romaguera Photography, Owner.

"We have been utilizing the LVL UP lighting systems for nearly a year, and we have found them ideal for various photography applications such as headshots, social events, team and individual sports, and school photography. These lighting systems have several advantages, including quick event setup, portability, and robust construction. The beautiful lighting they produce has impressed our customers and attracted positive attention during shoots.."

Jack Counts

Candid Color Systems, Owner.

What's the ideal lighting system?

It would give skin an
almost retouched feel.

It would give you the
ability to quickly scale
your business.

It would be
convenient to store.

The LVL Up Imaging App is Here!

The LVL Up Imaging App is now available on the app store. Stay tuned for our Android version that will be available on the Google Store soon.

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