The LVL UP Academy

Learn how to capture images from our selection of video tutorials, image maker stories, and our own articles.

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What You Get From The Academy

The LVL Up Imaging Academy presents an exclusive series of video tutorials, curated to elevate the skills of photographers by connecting them with some of the world's most esteemed artists. This elite selection of industry professionals brings to you a wealth of knowledge, focusing primarily on mastering the art of lighting. Through our courses, participants will gain unparalleled insight into various photographic scenarios, paired by step-by-step guidance.

Learn with any gear
The LVL Up Imaging Academy makes it easy for anyone to learn photography, no matter what camera or equipment you have. So, whether you're just starting or already have a passion for taking photos, our academy will help you get better.
Get Familiar with LVL Up
Learn directly from the creators of the LVL Up system how to set up and take it down efficiently. Discover the tips and tricks we've mastered to capture the perfect shot every time.
Seize the chance to learn from world-class photographers who have dedicated their lives to mastering the fundamentals of lighting and its control.